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Success begins with the best web shop

In today's competitive market, a fast and efficient webshop is not a choice, but a necessity. Statistics show that 40% of visitors leave a webshop if it does not load within three seconds, and 88% do not return after a poor user experience.

With our expertise in custom WooCommerce webshop development, you are assured of a webshop that not only provides an excellent user experience, but also performs excellently. Our team understands the specific requirements of online shopping and turns them into measurable results for your business.

This is how we proceed

Developing a WooCommerce webshop is a multi-step process, from initial design to full implementation and going live. In this process, we take you from start to finish. But the most important step is the start, and we like to take it together with you.

We are very interested in the challenges and ideas you have for your web shop. Let's meet to discuss your needs and provide you with clear advice. We can meet in Rotterdam, at a place of your choice, or via an online meeting.

Joeri van de Watering

Systego understood exactly what we needed: a fast website that supported our campaigns and was easy to manage.

Joeri van de Watering
Co-founder & CEO

Our strategy for winning WooCommerce webshop

From visitor to purchase

Conversion is the crucial moment when a visitor proceeds to purchase, which is the ultimate goal of any online store.

Through compelling Call To Actions, a user-friendly and mobile-optimized design, and a clear value proposition, we lead potential customers to purchases in a targeted way while minimizing distractions. Thus, every visitor becomes an opportunity for more sales.

We also build webshops with subscriptions, allowing customers to purchase products or services easily and periodically, ensuring a stable revenue stream and a long-term customer relationship.

Better Google results

A custom-built web shop ranks better in Google. Because of the optimized structure and technology, the site is indexed more efficiently, leading to higher rankings.

In addition, with customization, loading speed is a priority. This speed is crucial for SEO; both search engines, such as Google, and users prefer websites that load quickly.

Accessibility: European Accessibility Act 2025

Accessible WooCommerce web shops

For us, digital accessibility is more than just meeting legal requirements; it is a fundamental part of our ethical approach. Our WooCommerce web shops are therefore designed to provide an equal shopping experience for everyone, regardless of whether they are visually impaired, colorblind or otherwise limited.

In Europe, about one in six people live with disabilities, which emphasizes the importance of accessible web shops. Our WooCommerce webshops, developed according to WCAG and W3C guidelines, guarantee accessibility for everyone. This not only benefits your customers, but also improves the overall performance of your webshop.

24/7 WordPress support

24/7 support

Our service includes 24/7 support for WooCommerce webshops, perfect for business owners with a busy online store or ambitious goals. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensures the continuous availability of our experts, ready to provide immediate assistance in case of any problems, a crucial aspect for ensuring the continuity of your business.

In addition, we offer proactive maintenance and regular updates to ensure the performance and security of your webshop. We ensure that your webshop is always functioning optimally, so you can focus on achieving your online goals.

Free 90-minute consultation upon introduction

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What we are going for - real results!

As webshop experts, we can talk about technology for hours, but we understand that for many organizations, the ultimate, measurable result is the most important thing.

An investment in a new web shop must add value. It is only worthwhile if it brings about a substantial change or improvement in your business operations. And that is what we are fully committed to.

Every business and entrepreneur has unique requirements and needs. With our extensive experience, we offer customized advice free of charge. Please contact us for a personal introduction, or read on and discover the versatile possibilities and features offered by our web shops.


Business process integration via APIs

With APIs, we can link your apps or systems, such as a CRM, to your WooCommerce webshop. With our know-how in API integrations, we make sure everything works together seamlessly. In short: your webshop becomes a lot more convenient and does more for you. Manually copying data is a thing of the past.


AVG-compliant WooCommerce web shops

We understand the importance of data protection. That's why we make sure that your webshop seamlessly complies with the AVG guidelines. Together, we guarantee transparent and secure data processing, so that you can operate worry-free online.


A unique WooCommerce webshop

Do you have specific needs or ideas? Our team of specialists is ready to provide customized solutions. Tell us what you need, and we'll make it a reality.

Having a custom WooCommerce website created

Here's how it works


First, we schedule a personal introductory meeting. During this meeting we will go deeper into your wishes, goals and the specific requirements for the web shop. We cover topics such as the type and size of the products you want to offer, the desired functionalities, the available budget and the desired delivery date.

Consultation, advice and proposal

After our introductory meeting, we plan a comprehensive consultation. During this session we share our knowledge and advise on how the web shop can best meet the needs and motivations of your customers. We are convinced that understanding and correctly applying these customer motivations are essential for the online success of a web shop. With the collected information from both the introduction and the consultation, we work out a detailed proposal. After approval of this proposal, we start the actual development of the webshop.


To determine the best structure and layout for your WooCommerce web shop, we first create schematic overviews. Think of this as a detailed blueprint of the future webshop.

Web design

During the web design phase, we focus on the visual aspect of the web shop, seamlessly integrating your corporate identity, color palette and branding. Our goal is to create an interface that is both attractive and user-friendly. We take the next step only when the web design fully meets your expectations.

Development Phase

During the development phase, we convert the approved design into a functioning WooCommerce web shop within WordPress. We apply the latest technologies and guarantee that the webshop functions flawlessly on all devices.

This phase officially consists of two steps. First, our front end team goes to work translating the design into visual code using the latest web technologies. They make sure that the webshop looks exactly like the approved design and that the design is responsive for various screen sizes.

After that, our back end team takes charge. They focus on the technical realization within the WordPress platform, specifically for WooCommerce. In addition to adding the necessary shop functionalities, we implement ACF PRO for easy content management. We also take care of security and optimization of shop performance.

Preparation go-live

Before the webshop goes live, we first set it up on a staging environment. This allows us to conduct thorough tests and also gives you the opportunity to test the web shop. We look for technical imperfections, assess the user-friendliness and guarantee that the shop works flawlessly on different devices and browsers. In this protected environment, you can also fill the shop with products and make any adjustments before we go live.

Go-live (party!) 🎉

Before the official launch of the webshop, we perform a few final checks. Once everything is tiptop, the webshop is activated and ready for all customers!

Take the first step

Discover the possibilities for your online success. Contact us today for a free consultation and see how we can realize your WooCommerce webshop together.

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Proud of our projects

Our team has already completed more than 100 projects satisfactorily

A lead machine for a Rotterdam real estate agency

With the launch of Agrioil's new, informative and well-organized website on the vegetable oils trade, an impressive 300+% growth in annual visitor numbers has been achieved, resulting in more than 3 valuable leads per day.

Persuasion on the GOOSE VPN website

Dutch VPN GOOSE VPN 's mission is to convince everyone of secure and anonymous Internet via a VPN connection. The website we redeveloped does this with a hefty dose of persuasion, resulting in solid conversion rates.

Guardey's multilingual website: marketing for cyber awareness training

With a multilingual WordPress website, translated into 10 languages via WEGLOT's AI technology, Rotterdam-based cyber awareness training startup Guardey is attracting international attention. This website, combined with strategic marketing, significantly strengthens their international position.

Wondering what they can do for you? Please contact them without obligation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the development time of a WooCommerce webshop and what are the costs involved?

The duration and cost of developing a WooCommerce webshop depend on several factors, such as the complexity of the webshop, the number of desired functionalities and the expertise of the development team. Simple webshops can be ready within a few weeks, while more complex projects can take several months or more. Costs also vary based on the specifications of the project.

Please feel free to contact us for a specific cost estimate.

Do you also realize large-scale WooCommerce webshop projects?

We have significant experience in realizing large-scale WooCommerce webshops and also offer solutions for headless WooCommerce. For projects that require high scalability and flexibility, we deploy specialized teams that work closely with the customer. Aspects such as automated testing and horizontal scalability are essential in such projects.

Are you interested in the possibilities or want to know more about optional deployment of headless WordPress and WooCommerce? If so, please feel free to contact us.

Do you host and maintain WooCommerce web shops?

After launching your WooCommerce webshop, continuous accessibility and expert support are crucial. We offer several hosting options, including shared hosting and VPS (Virtual Private Server), and lay down the support details in a Service Level Agreement (SLA). In this, we guarantee 24/7 availability of our team and provide regular updates and troubleshooting, depending on the agreed terms.

VPS explained: VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, a virtual server on which customers can host their WordPress websites, isolated from other users. This offers more flexibility and resources compared to shared hosting.

Can I upgrade my existing webshop to a custom WooCommerce webshop?

Absolutely! With us, you'll be expertly guided through the process of upgrading your current webshop to a custom WooCommerce solution. We start with a thorough analysis to determine which elements should be retained or optimized and ensure a seamless migration of all content. During this transition, we closely monitor all SEO aspects to maintain Google rankings.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a free, open-source e-commerce platform based on WordPress.

With WooCommerce, users can have a customized webshop created, with complete freedom over the code. In addition, there are numerous plug-ins available that can further extend the functionality of the webshop.

Worldwide, WooCommerce is known for its robust e-commerce capabilities, including product catalogs, shopping carts and payment processing. Thanks to its integration with WordPress, the platform is also great for content management, which is essential for effective content marketing.

The open-source nature of WooCommerce creates a vibrant and engaged community of developers and users who continuously work to optimize the platform.

Which online stores use WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is the most widely used e-commerce platform worldwide and is used by a wide range of web shops and e-commerce companies around the world. Among others, Otrium, the best-known Dutch user of WooCommerce, uses this platform. The versatility and customizability of WooCommerce make it suitable for almost any situation, including stores that work with subscriptions.

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