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Success begins with the best website

In today's world, a strong and fast website is not an option, but a requirement. Statistics reveal that 40% of visitors leave a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load, and 88% do not return after a poor user experience.

With our expertise in custom WordPress website development, you are assured of a website that not only provides an excellent user experience, but also performs. Our team knows the intricacies of the business and translates them into measurable results.

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This is how we proceed

Our development process includes several stages, from initial design to final development and implementation. We take you through these from A to Z before we get started. However, the most important step is the start, and we like to take it together with you.

We are very curious about your challenges and ideas. Let's meet for a good conversation, so we can provide you with clear and understandable advice tailored to your needs. We can meet on location in Rotterdam, a location of your choice, or online.

Joeri van de Watering

Systego understood exactly what we needed: a fast website that supported our campaigns and was easy to manage.

Joeri van de Watering
Co-founder & CEO

Our ingredients for winning WordPress websites

Better Google results

Technology counts. A customized WordPress website performs better in Google. Thanks to an optimized structure and technique, it is indexed more efficiently, resulting in higher rankings.

In addition, customization focuses on loading speed. This speed is essential for SEO; both search engines, such as Google, and visitors prefer fast-loading sites.

From visitor to action

Conversion indicates when website visitors take a desired action, such as a purchase or subscription. It is a direct reflection of a Web site's ability to activate visitors.

Through sharp Call To Actions, user-friendly and mobile-optimized design and a clear value proposition, we direct customers to the desired action while minimizing distractions.

Improving Google rankings and refining your website creates a win-win: attracting more visitors and effectively converting those visitors into action. This synergy is what really gets results.

Accessibility: European Accessibility Act 2025

Accessible WordPress websites

Digital accessibility is more than a legal requirement for us; it is an ethical responsibility. That's why our WordPress websites are designed to give everyone, whether they are visually impaired, colorblind or otherwise limited, an equal online experience.

In Europe, about one in six people face a disability, which underlines the importance of accessible websites. Our WordPress websites, designed according to WCAG and W3C guidelines, ensure equal accessibility for all, benefiting both your visitors and the performance of your website.

24/7 WordPress support

24/7 support

Our services include 24/7 support for enterprise WordPress sites, ideal for clients with high website traffic or high ambitions. The Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees continuous availability of experts for immediate assistance in case of failures, essential for business continuity.

In addition, we offer proactive maintenance and regular updates to ensure the performance and security of your website. We ensure that your site functions optimally and helps you achieve your digital goals.

Free 90-minute consultation upon introduction

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What we are going for - real results!

As website experts, we can talk about technology for hours, but we understand that for many organizations, the ultimate, measurable result is the most important thing.

An investment in a new Web site must add value. It is only worthwhile if it brings about a substantial change or improvement in your business operations. And we are fully committed to that.

A customized WordPress website

Every company, organization and individual has unique needs. We offer free customized advice based on our extensive experience. Contact us directly for a personal introduction, or discover more below about the various features and functions our websites have to offer.


Business process integration via APIs

APIs allow us to link your (internal) apps or systems, such as a CRM, to your website. With our know-how in API integrations, we make sure everything works together seamlessly. In short: your website becomes a lot more convenient and does more for you. Manually copying data is a thing of the past.


AVG-compliant WordPress websites

We understand the importance of data protection. That's why we make sure your website seamlessly complies with AVG guidelines. Together, we guarantee transparent and secure data processing so that you can operate worry-free online.


A WordPress web shop

Anything is possible with WordPress; and so is a built-in webshop. You can read all about it on our WooCommerce page.


A unique WordPress solution

For non-standard WordPress requests, you've come to the right place. Our team of experienced specialists can meet any challenge and deliver high-quality customization. Tell us your idea, and we'll make it happen.

Take the first step

Discover the possibilities for your online success. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.

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Proud of our projects

Our team has already completed more than 100 projects satisfactorily

A lead machine for a Rotterdam real estate agency

With the launch of Agrioil's new, informative and well-organized website on the vegetable oils trade, an impressive 300+% growth in annual visitor numbers has been achieved, resulting in more than 3 valuable leads per day.

Persuasion on the GOOSE VPN website

Dutch VPN GOOSE VPN 's mission is to convince everyone of secure and anonymous Internet via a VPN connection. The website we redeveloped does this with a hefty dose of persuasion, resulting in solid conversion rates.

Guardey's multilingual website: marketing for cyber awareness training

With a multilingual WordPress website, translated into 10 languages via WEGLOT's AI technology, Rotterdam-based cyber awareness training startup Guardey is attracting international attention. This website, combined with strategic marketing, significantly strengthens their international position.

Wondering what they can do for you? Please contact them without obligation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the development time of a WordPress website and what are the costs involved?

The duration and cost of developing a WordPress website depend on several factors. These include the complexity of the website, the number of features desired, and the expertise of the development team. Simple WordPress websites can be ready within just a few weeks, while more complex projects may require several months or even more. The cost also depends on the specifications (and duration) of the project.

Please feel free to contact us for a specific cost estimate.

Do you also realize large-scale WordPress website projects?

We have significant experience with large-scale WordPress websites, including the capability for headless WordPress and WooCommerce solutions.

For projects that require scalability and flexibility, we set up a specialized team that works closely with the client. Factors such as automated testing and horizontal scalability are often important in such projects.

Are you interested in the possibilities or want to know more about optional deployment of headless WordPress and WooCommerce? If so, please feel free to contact us.

Do you host and maintain WordPress websites?

After your WordPress website goes live, continuous accessibility and expert support are crucial. That's why we offer two hosting options: shared hosting and VPS (Virtual Private Server). Regardless of your choice, we lay down the support details in a Service Level Agreement (SLA). Within this SLA, we not only guarantee that our team will be there for you day and night in case of any problems, but also provide regular WordPress updates and troubleshooting. (*Based on agreed terms)

VPS explained: VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, a virtual server on which customers can host their WordPress websites, isolated from other users. This offers more flexibility and resources compared to shared hosting.

Can I upgrade my existing website to a custom WordPress website?

You bet! At Systego, we guide you smoothly through the process of upgrading your current website to a custom WordPress solution. We start with a thorough analysis to determine which elements of your current site need to be retained or optimized. We then ensure a flawless migration of all content. During this transition, we closely monitor all SEO aspects, such as preserving URL structures, to ensure that Google rankings remain unchanged.

What are the options for an inexpensive WordPress website?

A complete custom WordPress website starts from €10,000, and while this should pay for itself, there are more roads that lead to Rome. An alternative to a complete website is the WordPress one-pager. The one-pager combines all the essential components of a website on one page. You don't always need a website with countless pages to impress and get results. For only €2,400, excluding VAT and including go-live, Systego builds an impressive one-pager that gets results.

Contact us to discuss options for a WordPress one-pager.

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