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What website conversion means and why it is crucial

Rian Ouwendijk - Sept. 25, 2023

Having a website is not enough, because without conversion, you achieve nothing. But what exactly does conversion mean and why is it so important? In this blog, we dive deeper into this topic.

The definition and importance of conversion

Conversion on a Web site occurs when a visitor performs a desired action. This can range from filling out a form and downloading an e-book to making a purchase. The importance of conversion cannot be overemphasized; it is the bridge between drawing traffic to your site and converting traffic into customers.

Why website conversion matters

Without conversion, all traffic to your Web site is essentially useless. Conversion is the key to building a customer base and increasing your revenue. A high conversion rate indicates a well-optimized website where visitors find what they are looking for. This results in customer satisfaction and loyalty, and allows you to make your website more profitable.

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Imagine you have a web shop that sells handmade jewelry. Visitors who just look around and then leave won't bring you much. But if they make a purchase, sign up for the newsletter or share a product on social media, you'll have conversion. These actions contribute to your business growth and brand awareness.

Five considerations when creating or improving your website

Having a website created that is not only attractive but also converts can be challenging. Attention to the following five points will certainly help:

  • Usability: When creating or improving your website, usability is essential. Intuitive navigation and a clear structure help visitors find what they are looking for quickly, which increases the likelihood of conversion.
  • Responsive design: With the increasing use of mobile devices, it is crucial that your website works well on all screen sizes. A mobile-friendly website provides a better user experience and contributes to a higher conversion rate.
  • Clear Call-to-Actions: Make it easy for visitors to take the desired action. Use clear and eye-catching call-to-action buttons to encourage conversion.
  • High-quality content: Provide relevant and valuable content. This not only helps inform and persuade visitors, but also contributes to your SEO strategy, which can indirectly increase conversions.
  • Test and analyze: Use tools such as Google Analytics to track visitor behavior and understand what works and what doesn't. Run A/B tests if necessary to optimize different elements of your website. After all, your website is never finished.

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